The Face Beyond The Beauty…Malika J(@mjfaces)*Congrats to The BEST MUA in ATL*

Before you put on that “killa” look…you need your locks tamed (Nataki Minix at CoStars Style and the face to be “beat”…and who better to see than Ms. Malika J *stunning in the fashionable green dress*  (@mjfaces on twitter or! If you have never met or heard of Malika J you’ve definitely seen her handy work because this darling’s star is shooting the top faster than a comet… Her super sweet manner makes her kind of a super nova! Malika says… “I believe there are two types of people: those that allow things to happen to them and those that make things happen for them. I like to believe that I am the person making things happen for others”. And in having a conversation with her you see exacttly what she means. A very passionate love of what she does, sharing this passion with others and just being a ROCKSTAR on the face makes her one of my fashionable favs.

Beauty, passion and originality are just a few words that convey the ambitious nature and determination of image consultant & executive producer Malika James. From radio to television, Malika’s artistic style and creativity has influenced the image and persona of some of today’s hottest musicians, models and on-air talents.

A native of Columbus, Ohio, Malika’s road to success began while studying telecommunications and film at the University of Alabama. Actively engaged in community affairs, Malika got her start as a radio personality with a local station conducting live remotes, interviews and special events. Eager to sharpen her natural abilities and talents, she soon became an intern with an NBC Affiliate learning step-by-step the art of news broadcasting and television production. Malika realized there were several key elements necessary to making on-air personalities appealing and persuasive particularly within the realm of image consulting. With these insights, Malika transitioned into the world of makeup artistry with MAC Cosmetics. From makeup application to skin care management, Malika embraced the opportunity to service an array of clients on proper skin etiquette thereby allowing her to follow her passion of becoming a freelance makeup artist within network television.

Since moving to Atlanta in 2005, Malika has diversified her portfolio working with a host of companies, celebrities and major networks including Bravo, TNT, MTV, TBS, BET and CNN under her company, MJ FACES. Notable public figures such as Atlanta Falcons owner Author Blank and Jane Fonda have utilized her freelance services.

To date, MJ FACES has shared priceless experiences alongside notable photographers such Marc Baptiste, Sean Cokes, Chris Standford, Harold Daniels, Andrew Zaeh, Donna Permell and Hannibal Matthews. Her work has been featured in today’s hottest music, fashion and lifestyle publications such as Rolling Stone, Essence, Jet, 944, GQ and Uptown Magazine. MJ FACES’ roster includes singing sensation Janelle Monae , Tameka Raymond, super producer Swiss Beats, songstress Angie Stone, Ludacris, TI, Big Boi of the dynamic hip hop duo Outkast, Pharrell, Akon, T-Pain as well as sports commentators Chris Webber and Ahmad Rashad,  the Coca Cola Company and Turner Broadcasting Systems. Recently, MJ FACES also welcomed Cynthia Bailey of Bravo’s hit reality show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Season 3 to the client roster.

A firm believer that “dreams really do come true”, Malika benefits greatly from each of these experiences. Inspired by their stories and relentless pursuit of happiness, Malika has begun to embark on the next chapter on her own journey – developing film content based on true stories that seek to uplift, inspire and encourage dialogue about life, love, politics, and philanthropy between artists and the global community. Following her dreams, Malika James is confident MJ FACES will continue to flourish and prosper, remain a trustworthy and credible resource within the natural cosmetics, fashion and film industry worldwide. Follow her on twitter @mjfaces.


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The Most Wonderful Time of the YEAR

Well the holidays are upon us…and you know what that means. Shopportunities are endless! Stores are opening later, deals are better and everything becomes even more of a must .  So here’s a few helpful hints to use your time wisely this holiday season.

1. Scope out deals on the net. Alot of your favorite companies have on line special that start after Black Friday. It’s called Cyber Monday!

2. Limit yourself. Take a certain amount of cash so you don’t over spend yourself…remember it’s the thought that counts and the feeling it feels to give.

3. Coupons are your friend. Some store take competitor coupons that can also help you to save money.

4. Mama ain’t raise no fool…If it sounds to good to be true…keep in mind it just might be. So be sure to research the product before you buy.

5. Be ready for battle…it’s the holidays but people tend to forget after 5 hours of hunting and gathering gifts.

6. Stay strapped! In your trust ever ready kit make sure you pack a snack… Stopping for food will only make you lose way and focus.

With these simple but important tips you shall be able to shop in until you absolutely drop!

Find the Fabulous Finds,



The Queen of ARTS

I’ve been blessed to meet amazing people. The opportunity to meet Ashley V. Reid was a greatest ones. Ashley and her work is not only beautiful or amazing but *ahem* are absoultely DOOOPENESS ! Jumping into her craft head first. Ashley, self-described “light stalker with a camera”, is like a artist with their paint brush when with camera in hand. Her work can view as a Warhol of our times.

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Less is MORE

If anyone know me you’d know that I love accessories especially bracelets. I mean my favorite scene in Casino was when Sharon Stone went to visit the vault at the bank in which her jewelry was housed. So about a year ago I met a great jewelry designer who’s piece simple and complex at the same time. The line after researching the line was simply amazing and I’d never seen anything like it. This line was Asha Patel Designs, believes history shapes us. “Where we have been and what we have done helps us grow,” says the Atlanta-based designer. The importance of the past and hope for the future serves as inspiration behind her delicate line of jewelry.

Born in London to Indian parents, Patel’s fascination with jewelry began at an early age with traditional Indian jewelry. Although she appreciated the beauty and grandeur of these pieces, her mantra became less is more, and she began to shift her design focus. The result — symbolic, pieces which reflected a fusion of eastern and western style coupled with simplicity and symbolism.  If you are not familiar with this line you should definitely get to know it The  line is a favorite among celebrities Lisa Wu Hartwell,  Jojo, Nicole Ari Parker and her husband Boris Kodjoe (of Undercovers) and constantly gaining popularity. And seen in many major publications People magazine, Allure, Lucky and American Salon. Simply put the line is a sweet! Giving the ability to dazzle and shine modestly.  And be found in a few boutiques around the city such at Estella* Boutique. But you aren’t local take a little lookie lou at the website It’s definitely my new Fash’s fav because with these piece your look can be cas or fab! I hope you like them as much as I love them!

Fashionably Darling,

Year Round Style! Your how-to of taking your fashion into the next season with SASS

Yes, the summer sun is just starting to warm up…..BURNING UP actually! But it’s totally time to switch gears. To where you ask….into Pre-Fall fashion 2010. Time to start thinking about what will be hot for fall, but don’t put away all of your summer piece just yet…

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Finders Keepers!


I love finding something old and making it new! What better place to do this than at a sidewalk sale, second-hand store and rare find site. Last weekend I attended an amazing sidewalk sale at Estella* Boutique and came across some amazing rare finds. So I thought I’d tell you all the things needed when you are out searching the past that will be so dope in your present!

1. Always have cash, nothing larger than a 20 and keep smaller bills… This allows you to bargain with the sales people. You don’t have to worry about looking for change. 

2. Go with a open mind! You never know what you may come across with an open mind.

3. Check for frequent wear and usage…that maybe a position for talking the price down some.

4. Don’t give up! Don’t get frustrated if you can’t find anything at first glimpse. Your motto dig deeper look harder!

5. Shop until you drop….about 100 bucks! LOL you never need to spend more than 100 dollars on a sidewalk or yard sale unless buying items for the home.

Hopefully these little tips help you greatly! And I invite you to come out and join us at the Charity Designer Bazaar in support of the Lost Ones Foundation this weekend!

Estella* Boutique

1159 Canton Street

Roswell, Ga 30075


Your fabulous find,