The Game Episode 5~Grand Opening, Grand Closing

Jason Pitts

By: Sincere Thoughts

Grand Opening Grand Closing

This episode opens with Jason and Chardonnay at the movies. They are acting extra ghetto by bringing in their own food and yelling at the screen. As they laugh to themselves about what’s happening Jason tells her that he likes her but then tries to clean it up right quick and say that he likes hanging out with her even he’s not used to saying her ridiculous name. He asks if they could keep seeing each other after the annulment but she tells him that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea. They both agreed that after the annulment was final that they would go their separate ways.

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The Game Season 5 Episode 4~ The Black People Episode

The Game

By Sincere Thoughts

The Black People Episode

This episode opens with Tasha hosting a sunbeams meeting in her penthouse (she moved out her big house because she says that it was too much for just her and she wants something smaller and to focus on Malik’s career). Melanie and two other sunbeams enter late. They start to discuss the ideas for the fashion show. Tasha begins to give her idea. She says that she has hired someone that is the epitome of beauty, style and sophistication. Guess who it is? None other than NeNe Leakes from the real housewives of Atlanta! Melanie is totally shocked. She says that she is so excited and this is the perfect opportunity for her to debut her line of clothing for the sexy, comfortable,voLUMPtuous woman. Melanie tries to correct her by suggesting that she meant voluptuous but she really meant voLUMPtuous. The line is called licktuous or lituous or something like that by Lenethia “NeNe” Leakes. she then calls the women out to model the line. The lumptuous women come out in some ghetto track suits and other foolishness that NeNe or any other woman with any kind of sense or fashion style wouldn’t be caught dead in.

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The Game~Episode 2…Mo Money Mo Problems

The Game

By: Sincere Thoughts

Mo Money Mo Problems

This episode opens with Bibs serving Malik some breakfast.  Tasha comes in and asks him what is going on with the topiary (you know the bushes that are shaped like things that rich people and botanical gardens have). She has come over to ask him to make an appearance at J.J. Abrams’ (directed Star Trek and other big sci fi movies) son’s bar Mitzvah for $100,000. Malik agrees without hesitation. This puzzles Tasha because she knows that he really doesn’t want to do it.  he says that nothing is wrong and that he just wants to do his part to show how proud he is of her and all the work that she is doing for him.

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The Game~ Season Premier: Skeletons; The Truth Pact

The Game Season 5 sitcom

Missed the first new episode of The Game last night? Well here is an in depth rundown on the whole episode brought to you by guest blogger Sincere Thoughts.

This 1 hour 5th season premiere opens with a short montage of what is to come. Med school telling Derwin to get over the fact that she had an abortion, then a cut to Malik, TT, and Tasha standing over Malik’s dead girlfriend, and Jason in Mexico wondering when he got married.


They pick up right where they left off last season. Derwin and Melanie are coming out of the doctor’s office. Derwin is heated because he knows that Melanie lied in there and that she really did have an abortion. All she wants to do is go get something to eat like nothing even happened (really med school?). Derwin can’t believe she is so passive about it and acts like nothing happened. She decides to take a cab and get something to eat leaving him standing there wondering why and how she could act like that. She walks out of the hospital and as she is talking to herself trying to gather her thoughts guess who she runs into? McHotty (remember the doctor that she messed around with and thought was serious but just wanted to hit and quit? Yeah him).  They catch up on old times, sort of. Derwin comes out and sees the two of them talking. He introduces himself and seems to already know about the doctor. The doctor’s kind of a jerk. As Dr McHotty leaves so does Derwin, right after he asks Melanie if any more of her past is coming out to haunt them.

B.E.T Done F*cked “The Game” Up…Literally! Episode 2

So last night was the second episode of “The Game” and I must say I was gravely disappointed. I KNEW BET WAS GONNA F*CK THIS SHOW UP. The first episode was ok, but this episode was pure bullshit. I can rant and rave about how much I don’t like BET and how everything they touch turns into straight cat piss, but I’m not going to go there right now. I’m gonna keep my word and run down episode 2 in case you missed it. FYI…These are gonna be short and sweet because BET decided to cut the show to 30 damn mins.

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“The Game” Series Premier Review

So last night was the highly anticipated series premier of one of my favorite shows “The Game”. I waited 2 longs years for this because the “CW” bitch ass decided that my show wasn’t worthy to be on the air anymore. Hey I’m not bitter…really I’m not because when I heard they were gonna be back on air I jumped for joy. I lost that joy when I heard BET picked them up. As you may already know I can’t stand BET, because everything they touch turns to bullsh*t but I digress. The series premier was um “interesting” to say the least, so I’ve decided to run down the show discussing each of the main characters. *Side Note* If you didn’t watch the show yet  because you had to DVR it or didn’t pay your cable bill, and you don’t want to know what happened DO NOT READ THIS BLOG!

So the show doesn’t pick up where they left off two years ago. The moved ahead so there are new characters, a new set and basically new attitudes.

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BET Hates Black People…2010 BET Awards Rundown

After this I may never be invited to the BET awards again, but hell does it look like I give a flying f*ck. So I’ve been wanting to talk about this wack ass show like 2 weeks ago, but I had to wait until ya’ll saw what I saw. The show of course was… extra wack this year. Mike Epps was ok if you like listening to a slow person trying to read in front of strangers. All in all it was a bunch of coon like n*ggas dancing and jigging like fools. I’m gonna run down what was so wrong about the BET Hip Hop Awards and point out what made my night *whispers Common while rubbing on the nips*

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His Dream, Your Nightmare!! *Vintage Blog*

Sometimes anyone with baggage in my opinion can be a waste of time. I don’t mean to be like that, but what’s the benefit of getting involved in a baggage situation? True enough, he may be a nice guy or she may be a cool chick, but at the end of the day his/her drama shouldn’t have to be your situation. Shit does happen sometimes, but it isn’t fair to expect someone from the outside to just deal with it. If you followed the show “The Game” you should know these two characters in the pic; Derwin and Jenay. They were once in a relationship, but he ended it because he was still in love with his ex Melanie. While Derwin tried to get Mel back and was successful in doing so, Jenay found out she was pregnant. Melanie was now put in an awkward position; should she stay or should she go?

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