She’s Not Her Hair:Why Gabby Douglas’s Hair Means So Much To Black Women

Gabby Douglas

First and foremost I would like to congratulate Gabby Douglas on being 2 time Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast. Also, being the first African-American Gymnast to even hold the title. Gabby did her thang at the Summer Olympics and just watching her was an amazing feeling. This 16 year old definitely has some skills. As I watched her as she performed I could see the focus and determination in her eyes. While she was on the sideline I saw a beautiful child with a bubbly smile and what I can assume is a bubbly personality to match. I was so proud that she made it that far and even if she didn’t make it all the way, I was happy that baby girl followed her dreams. As I logged into good old faithful twitter I started seeing  all the mess. I saw women tweeting about Gabby’s hair. How it was so disgraceful for her to be on a world televised program with her hair looking like all kinds of struggle. How this gave people of other cultures a bad perception of black women. All I have to say is…HOW IN DA FUCK HER HAIR IS A REPRESENTATION OF YOU?

We are our worst own critics. For some reason black people have a way of tearing down each other, rather than building each other up. For those of you simple bitches that has stated how “disgusted” you are by Gabby’s hair and shit let me break something down for you. Gabby is an athlete. Not just any athlete but a gymnast. Which means flipping and jumping and shit is what she does. Which in turn involves sweat and whatnot. I assume she should do Gymnastics with a lacefront or virgin brazilian hair all down her back just to please the nigger women. Gabby’s main focus was to stick her landings, not focus on how her hair looks on camera. This young lady has accomplished a lot in her 16 years of living and all you see and hear is hate.  This coming from women that haven’t done shit with their lives other than go to the hair salon, nail shop, the club and the fucking WIC office…in that order.

It’s so sad that whenever a person of color does something remotely great, there is always a person trying to find the slightest imperfection to tear them down. This girl is an amazing role model for our daughters. I applaud her mother for being a strong black woman and doing what needed to be done to see that her daughter’s dreams came true. It’s sad that there aren’t more parents like her. Some of these unaccomplished bitches need to do better in life and stop looking at other people to make themselves feel better. There is no way a black person can enjoy success without a few hateful ass people trying to make them feel that their accomplishment was a curse.  Gabby now has endorsement coming out the ass, while these chicks still running to Rainbow to buy a House of Dereon outfit and the hair store to buy a clearance bin lacefront so they can look “fly” in the club. It kills me that this is the world we live in. I just hope that Gabby remains focused and don’t allow these negative people stop her shine. God has blessed this child with a wonderful opportunity and being there for her rather than being against her will take her even farther.

Congrats Gabby….


Just In: Idris Elba Denies Marriage and Dating Discrimination Rumors

Ok, so today the love of my life Idris Elba tweeted me. No it wasn’t to tell me how much he loved me and was sending a private jet to Atlanta to whisk me away on a week long romantic rendezvous. *sigh* Shit now I’m depressed. Anyway it was actually in response to a tweet that my homegirl tweeted. So I did my daily “I love you Idris” tweet today and here comes Crissi with the hard in depth intriguing question.

If you didn’t know last week all the women on twitter including me was going all ape shit, because a pic of Idris surfaced on the net with his arms around a woman. Now all the black women got mad because sista girl was white. Then it started that Idris got married to a caucasian woman, not sure if it was the same one he was photographed with. This started the issue on black twitter “Why do black men in Hollywood go to the other white meat once, they’ve made it?” I really didn’t give a damn if he was with a woman white or black, I’m just made that a woman period is loving up on my man. Well brings us to today. Crissi asked a question and my baby Idris responded only to me. Now I was hoping the tweet was under better circumstances, but he tweeted my hopelessly in love ass nonetheless. Below you will see the tweets:


So Idris has denied BEING MARRIED *WHEW* and ONLY DATING CAUCASIAN WOMEN. Now like I said I don’t care who he dates just as long as it’s me and me only. Yea I might be delusional but at least I GOT A TWEET FROM IDRIS ELBA. Lmao. You can tell I’m a fan and not an entertainment blogger. Lmao

P.S. I think people should be free to date whomever they connect with, no matter the race. I do feel that people who target one specific race of people as unacceptable to date because of their own insecurities is considered prejudiced. Some might say it’s a preference, but it just means it’s your preference to be prejudice. Just my opinion.

Does Your Facebook/Twitter Profile Scare Away Potential Partners

I know I can never add any potentials to my twitter account * @therealvichick*, because the shit I say on there will make any man side eye my ass. When it comes to social media sometimes we say and post things that we wish we didn’t. And although we wish we could take them back, we can’t because once on the internet always on the internet. So in the age of technology and dating one of the first questions you get asked when you meet a potential “Are you on facebook?” The reason why FB is actually requested more than any other social media site is because not only is it the most popular, but your whole life is depicted on FB. Any new pic you take, you post it. You got something on your chest, you update your status. Hell you have an ex boyfriend on FB and any potential who’s smart enough can figure out who it is just by your status, comments and picture tags. The wrong image/status can turn your ass  from a potential partner, to the chick he knows on Facebook.

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What Comes First…The Coochie or the Brain?

Does good sex trump respect? Sometimes it seems that we as women give up the cooch to men that aren’t even worth it. As long as the dick down makes your innards go all tingly, you seem to put up with the bullshit. This is a classic case of “Pussy or the Brain.” As long as your lady lumps are satisfied, you tuck whatever your brain is feeling and put it on the back burner. This is a issue many women have, but that’s not the only thing that makes some women so dense. It’s women who know they’re being used, ok with it but don’t realize when there is a serious problem. Basically when a trick becomes a hoe and not fully understands that she’s been typed cast as one. This seems like a two part blog so let me breakdown where I’m going. Yesterday a good friend of Candy Diaries who we will Call Mr. D  posted a question to the ladies of twitter, and I just had to answer…

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Pay Back Is a B*tch *Vintage*


We’ve all have had some run in with a cheater, or we might have been the one that cheated. It is a hard ass thing to find out the person, who you “trusted” betrayed that trust in some form or the other. Emotions run high when we find out that bitch ass man/woman went behind our back and screwed someone else. I posed the question on twitter and facebook; “What is the most outrageous thing you ever did to get back at someone that cheated on you?” The responses where crazy funny to me.

Technology May Have Destroyed My Social Life

So I don’t like people…ok wait let me rephrase that. I am shy around people I don’t know. Yes I am shy. I remember back in the day I could be in a room filled with people and I would have been the chick holding up the wall in the corner.  As I got older I thought I grew out of it a little until technology hit my life. Now being anti-social has nothing to do with being shy and more to do with what the hell is going on twitter and facebook. *Side note* Today marks the 5 year anniversary since Twitter has launch* See only a damn internet junkie would know some dumb shit like that. No matter where I go I whip out the smart phone and troll the internet. Technology may have made a lot of us into social retards.

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Why Are Men So Damn Filled With Thirst?

Lawd have mercy, I hate a thirsty man chile. You know a man so thirsty that he ends up looking like an ass in the process. I don’t know why in this day and age so many men are dying of thirst. Although, I hate the ratio of men to women I have to live with the reality. The sad part is some men act like there is no chick out here that would give them the time of day. They’re so desperate in their actions that you have to look at them in disgust because a real man shouldn’t act like that. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a lot of thirsty ass women out here with the same problem but I’m talking about the men cause he’ll ya’ll worse with that shit.

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Nicki Minaj and Drake Married?

So I don’t do entertainment at all, but word on the street is that Drake and Nicki Minaj have tied the knot. Drake sent out a tweet on twitter a few minutes ago stating that the Leader of the Barbie Dolls should now be called Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham. We at Candy Diaries just want to say Congrats to the new couple.

P.S. If you really think we believe this “we got hitched” shit you dead ass wrong. I know they looking to be in the blogs tomorrow. I just posted this shit to see how many hits I would get on this bullshit post. LOL. U know how I do? Have a great weekend ya’ll.

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Best Hip Hop Honors Tweets of the Night

Last night I watched the Vh-1 Hip Hop Honors with my twitter fam and ya’ll know they had a lot to say. Here are some of thee funniest tweets of the night. I ain’t putting up mines cause um…ya’ll don’t need to see me in that light. LOL *Whispers* I added one tweet I sent out regarding why the f*ck Lauren London was at the show* Enjoy!

Which one do you rate as the funniest tweet?