Is Submission The Key To Success?

I’ve realized that a lot of couples never speak about this topic. When women hear the word submissive they immediately give the “The motherf*cker must be crazy” side eye.  I will admit the thought of given into submission is kinda of archaic, but if your man/husband is doing what he needs to do as the man of the relationship…why not?

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Sneak Preview:The Dick Slayer *Vintage*

dick slayer

Pure Fiction

At 30 I’ve seen a lot of shit in my lifetime. I saw Whitney Houston on crack rocks, Chris Brown whoop a bitch’s ass, and now finding a man that thinks he can have me dick shook. The world must be coming to an end.

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The Interview:The Plight of the Cheating Man


I know we’re so off that Tiger Woods thing, but his situation made me wonder what goes through a person’s mind when they decide to cheat. What are their relationships like? Why do they continue? I’ve decided to interview 2 people that are either currently or formally in a cheating relationship. First up I decided to interview a guy that is currently in a relationship, but is also cheating on his girlfriend. The names in these blogs will remain anonymous. I don’t want nobody ass to get whopped on the count of my shit.

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Is Living Together The New Married? *Vintage*

So, one of my biggest fears ever was living with a man. I know some people might laugh, but that shit freaked me out. I guess because I lived alone for so long I came to the realization that selfish is me and I am it. The fact that I would have to share is just preposterous. Lmao!!! Can I tell ya’ll the one reason why I was afraid to live with someone? The fact that  I have to share my bed. I HATE SHARING MY BED. Ask any of my ex boyfriends, I would rather send you home than spend the night with me. I can’t sleep properly if someone else is in the bed with me. If you get too close to me I start kicking you in my sleep. For years I kept an air mattress in the house in the event that someone wanted to sleep  over they had the air mattress as an option. So I will be 30 years old in a little over a week and I’m realizing…it’s time to share the bed.

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How to Make it Juicy *Vintage*


I think some of the most awkward positions make for the best orgasms. I don’t know if it’s just me but the missionary position rarely does anything for me. I’m not saying that sometimes when that d*ck hits the wall I don’t wince from excitement. I’m saying that I can guarantee that laying flat on my back with homie pumping for greatness isn’t gonna make shit happen. I need something different, something complex, well something more me. I think all couples should dare to be different. Doing the same old things in the bedroom can cause the relationship to dwindle. I for damn sure don’t wanna be with a man that thinks being on top and giving 4 good pumps is gonna move my soul. You do some shit like that and I would properly hurt your feelings and break out the toy that will put your dry ass d*ck to shame. I’ve decided to list some of the best positions that can make you cream, buck, and shiver with excitement.  FYI…I’m making up some names here so please excuse my terms.

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His Biological Clock is Ticking…BEWARE!

Have you ever met a man that constantly talked about having kids? He brings up the subject even more than you do. He feels like he might be running out of time so he needs to find someone “right quick” to get her ass knocked up. This man is so dead set on having kids that he might even try to trap you. He hears his biological clock and he will do whatever needs to be done to have his man seed conceived. If you were thinking about actually having kids, you would be so afraid to have them with him.

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From Friends to Lovers

friends to lovers

It’s 10:00am and you’re finally waking up. Your head is pounding and you can’t remember shit from all the Patron shots you drank the night before.  You look over because you realized that you’re not alone. You peek to see the unknown face of the person occupying the other side of the bed. When you finally see their face, your shit automatically turns into the WTF face. Laying next to you is your homeboy, your “brother”, your best friend and his ass is butt naked. You’re not sure if you did anything, but the torn XXL Magnum wrapper says otherwise. You’ve officially  just crossed the line. You got your d*ck supply from someone you considered family. Can you admit to him that what you did was a mistake? Can your friendship ever regain that status it once held?

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Keep Ur Friends Close & Ur Frenemies Closer

Every woman has a FRENEMY!! That’s the homegirl who you’re cool with, but you keep that bitch at arms length. You try not to confide in her because you know deep down that chick wants to see you fail. It’s a jealousy issue.  This chick feels like she has to one up you at every possible moment. The majority of the time you’re in a damn competition with her and don’t even know it. These my lovelies are what you would call Frenemies. Only someone with a keen eye for no good scallywags can differentiate  a friend from a foe.

I’ve known some frenemies in my day, and I treated their asses as such. Back in my college days I met this chick. We were from the same place, knew most of the same people and just got along really well. We became homegirls instantly. Little did I know that young lady disliked me. Well, maybe she didn’t dislike me but she damn sure hated everything I had. One time we were on the bus and these two guys came on also. One of the guys came up to her and started talking to her. As usual she started flirting, batting her eyes and what not. Now I’m not one to stop game, so I just minded my own business. The next thing I know his friend walked up and started talking to me. Now doing a side by side my guy was a f*cking gem compared to her dude. This chick saw my guy looked better and did a complete 360 on ol boy and started dissing him. She immediately got jealous because the one that was more visually appealing was digging me.

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Ask V.I.~I Love Me Some Him *Vintage*

Dear V.I.,

About 2 years ago i ended a very bad long term relationship…it ended very badly. I had a male friend who helped me through it all…This male friend was so good to me one thing lead to another with all the late night talking etc. We ended up sleeping together then i learned he had a woman he loved but was not in a relationship with in another state. I respected that and when she called i remained quiet besides i did not want to be in a relationship. We agreed to be fuck buddies. Things got heated up and the love word was exchanged later into the year.

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That B*ch Lied…Your D*ck is Wack *Classic*

*Snapping Fingers* Welcome to the Diary of A Mad Guest Blogger. This is a segment where we feature the bloggers that got thangs to say. I want you to give a special hand to The Mystery Lady.

It seems that there are a substantial number of men out there that believe they got that Lexington Steele when in fact they got that Pee Wee Herman…

Honestly fellas I don’t even blame you I blame all these lying ass heffas for misleading you into believing that you had that work when in fact your ass needs to be laid off…and best believe she VERBALLY TOLD you it was “good” and “the best she ever had” and then turned around and clowned your dumb ass to her homegirls recanting every horrible wack detail down to your tightie whities, the weird musk behind your balls, and your lack of rhythm….smmfh

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