*Vintage* The Interview:The Plight of the Cheating Man


I know we’re so off that Tiger Woods thing, but his situation made me wonder what goes through a person’s mind when they decide to cheat. What are their relationships like? Why do they continue? I’ve decided to interview 2 people that are either currently or formally in a cheating relationship. First up I decided to interview a guy that is currently in a relationship, but is also cheating on his girlfriend. The names in these blogs will remain anonymous. I don’t want nobody ass to get whopped on the count of my shit.

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Vintage Post: Is Submission The Key To Success?


I’ve realized that a lot of couples never speak about this topic. When women hear the word submissive they immediately give the “The motherf*cker must be crazy” side eye.  I will admit the thought of given into submission is kinda of archaic, but if your man/husband is doing what he needs to do as the man of the relationship…why not?

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Ask V.I.~I Love Me Some Him *Vintage*

Dear V.I.,

About 2 years ago i ended a very bad long term relationship…it ended very badly. I had a male friend who helped me through it all…This male friend was so good to me one thing lead to another with all the late night talking etc. We ended up sleeping together then i learned he had a woman he loved but was not in a relationship with in another state. I respected that and when she called i remained quiet besides i did not want to be in a relationship. We agreed to be fuck buddies. Things got heated up and the love word was exchanged later into the year.

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That B*ch Lied…Your D*ck is Wack *Classic*

*Snapping Fingers* Welcome to the Diary of A Mad Guest Blogger. This is a segment where we feature the bloggers that got thangs to say. I want you to give a special hand to The Mystery Lady.

It seems that there are a substantial number of men out there that believe they got that Lexington Steele when in fact they got that Pee Wee Herman…

Honestly fellas I don’t even blame you I blame all these lying ass heffas for misleading you into believing that you had that work when in fact your ass needs to be laid off…and best believe she VERBALLY TOLD you it was “good” and “the best she ever had” and then turned around and clowned your dumb ass to her homegirls recanting every horrible wack detail down to your tightie whities, the weird musk behind your balls, and your lack of rhythm….smmfh

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Yo You're 30…Grow the F*ck Up!!! *Vintage*

I have a really big problem with grown ass men still acting like they’re still in there teens. There are some things that your ass need to let go of. I’ve come across men that look grown but act even more childish than my3 year old God son. I understand feelings zestfully youthful is what everyone strives for, but at some point you need to grow up and take care of your responsibilities. A woman can’t handle a grown f*cking man-boy. Ladies, if you continue to put up with his shit his ass won’t see any problem in what he’s doing because you’re condoning it. I’ve come up with my own list of things that I think men need to let go. Hell you’re in your 30’s now…grow the f*ck up!

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The Truth About Loyalty

*Snapping Fingers* Welcome to the Diary of A Mad Guest Blogger. This is a segment where we feature the bloggers that got thangs to say. I want you to give a special hand to John Doe.

Loyalty, that’s the word that comes right after the big four letter word “Love”. Some may say they both coincide with each other. One may not be capable to have one without the other, in a safe or healthy relationship.  People, have you ever wondered/questioned the loyalty of family, friends, & especially your significant other has for you?  Well, that’s a question everyone thinks or asks themselves and will like to know the answer to before that big day one may say “I DO”.

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