Is Submission The Key To Success?

I’ve realized that a lot of couples never speak about this topic. When women hear the word submissive they immediately give the “The motherf*cker must be crazy” side eye.  I will admit the thought of given into submission is kinda of archaic, but if your man/husband is doing what he needs to do as the man of the relationship…why not?

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The Interview:The Plight of the Cheating Man


I know we’re so off that Tiger Woods thing, but his situation made me wonder what goes through a person’s mind when they decide to cheat. What are their relationships like? Why do they continue? I’ve decided to interview 2 people that are either currently or formally in a cheating relationship. First up I decided to interview a guy that is currently in a relationship, but is also cheating on his girlfriend. The names in these blogs will remain anonymous. I don’t want nobody ass to get whopped on the count of my shit.

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Candy Licker:Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

Ladies, I know a nice big juicy man meat is something you wish, hope and pray for but sometimes you have to leave well enough alone. I need you feeble bitches to stay away from the gigantor penis. You might be saying to yourself “Well V.I., why wouldn’t I want a big one invading my insides”? For starters all big dick ain’t necessarily good dick. Don’t get me wrong, there are some one’s out there that leave you feenin like a crackhead wanting another hit. Then there  are some that don’t do anything but wreck your cervix and leave you resting your ass on a donut for 3 days because he knocked something outta wack. Just like anything out there …Know Your Limit. If you know your cooch can only take 5in *side eye at your wack ass cooch* the highest you can go is about 2in higher. If you know you’re a 4in taker and your ass tries to experiment with a 10in brotha, your ass is too ambitious and the sex will be a fail for you and your worn out vagina.

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You Ain't Rocking A Damn Thang


Men get a little intimidated when I say that I’m not easily wowed when it comes to the bedroom skills. Sure I might meet someone that make me climb the walls, but then there are some I gotta look at with the Lil Mama side eye like “What in de hell you doing playa”? Then there are times I just stop in the middle and get the hell out of dodge. Yes I get my shit and I roll out. No need completing the task when you’re already failing miserably. So I stop you dead in your tracks and try to explain to you where you went wrong. Here are some reasons why your d*ck don’t move my mountain.

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