Gone On Vacation…Don't Bother Me!!!

I’ve actually been on vacation since last week, but I totally forgot to tell ya’ll. I know ya’ll were wondering what’s up with me because I haven’t posted anything new. Well I’m outta town and once I’m out of town I am no longer V.I. I’m enjoying time with my family so blogging isn’t really at the top of my list.

I’ve had a lot of things going on in my mind, so I’ve sorta had writer’s block for a solid month now. I can’t seem to get my thoughts together. Hopefully I gained a better perspective while on vacation. I will be back on 1/3/11, with new posts *god willing*. You’re free to continue to send submissions for “Diary of a Mad Guest Blogger” and “Ask V.I.” I will still reply to all emails, so send them in. If you have any topics you would like me to blog about please feel free to email those also. To send me an email click here!

Have a great holiday,


It's That Time…

Ladies and Gentle-dudes it’s about that time. As of  today I am officially on by blogger’s break. I need to take these breaks in order to give you the hotness you so crave. Don’t worry I will be back…eventually.  I don’t have a definite date for you, but continue to log on everyday and you never know. In the meantime, our fashion diva Amber-Fash will still be hooking you up with Style CanDi. Please treat her with kindness or else mama V.I. will whoop your monkey ass. If you need to contact me just click this link. You can still submit your “Diary of a Mad Guest Blogger”  and your “Ask V.I.” posts. They will get posted…Trust me! Even if you just want to say a howdy doo to me you can hit me up.

If you want to get at Fash you can just email her at amberfash@candydiaries.com. That’s if you want to be featured and what not. So stay sexy people and know that I will be back whenever the hell I get back.


I'm Officially On…

What’s up folks! It’s that time of year. Gotta go on a blogger’s vacation. It’s long over due and very much needed. I will be back on May 10th with all new blogs. If you wanna me to discuss a certain topic, wanna submit something for “Ask V.I. or just wanna say hi you can always shoot me an email via the contact page. Also you need to check out the CanDi Store for  great items  to enhance your bedroom or in the car activities. I know half of ya’ll are freaks.

Anyway, be safe be good. Don’t forget about me cause you guys know I live and breath this blog. I will be back to give you that good shit.

Love ya tender,