Basketball Wives Reunion Sneak Peek…Tami and Evelyn Round 2

S/O to Necole Bitchie

The world saw the blow up between Tami and Evelyn on Sunday’s season finale,  when Evelyn revealed to Tami that she had a relationship with Tami’s ex-husband Kenny Anderson when Tami was still married to him. Of course Tami was mad as hell *it didn’t help that she was drunk either* Evelyn said no one knew about Tami and blah blah blah. Tami’s point was how can we chill together for this long and you not tell me. Evelyn’s ass had the nerve to say “You are a non factor bitch”. That was when the shit got real. All hell broke loose and Tami was snatching Evelyn’s Puerto Rican ass up by the hair root.

Now it’s the morning after and here we have the reunion show sneak peek. The show was hosted by former Baller John Salley and he wasted no time getting to the meat of the beef. In the clip there is no cat fighting, but there is still mad shade being thrown. Evelyn saying Tami f*cked other ballers, while Tami admitted that Kenny was the first and only player she has been with.
Evelyn has definitely shown how much of a HOE she is with this damn show. I never liked her ass from jump street, but I think all of America and some parts of the Caribbean has branded her as a Old Ass  Groupie Bitch. As long as you got a sports contract Evelyn will love you long time. Check out the sneak peek and tell me what you think.

If you missed the season finalie you know your girl got you…

Fantasia's Story Might Be Your Story…

“Your greatest gift can be your biggest curse” (c) V.I.

Last night Vh-1 aired the episode I think everyone was waiting for…what really happened with Fantasia. The episode started out with Fantasia telling her side of what really happened that night when she overdosed. It was really hard for me to watch because this is not only Fantasia’s story, this happens to many people on a daily basis. As humans we cannot disregard our emotions. We give so much of ourselves that when we constantly feel like nothing is right…we react. For a split second you might think “I just want to give up”.

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2010 HipHop Honors…Da Derrrty Souf

So VH-1 graced us last night with another installment of the Hip Hop Honors. This time they honored the Dirty South and I must say for the majority of the show I was bored to tears. I’m not gonna lie, they were some highlights of the night like Missy sanging on of her old club bangers or  T.I. looking like a reformed choir boy in his orange cardigan. Other than that the award show was a big ass waste of my time. I’ll run down a few of the shit that caught my attention and some shit that should have never been seen.

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