Sneak Peek: Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 2 *Video*


It’s backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Well not yet, but the wait is almost over. Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is finally back for Season 2 and the drama is sure to follow. VH-1 and the ring leader of all of things ratchet Mona Scott-Young decided to tease us with this little clip. I hate a damn tease, because all they do is getting you all moist and give you just enough to shut you up. I don’t know what the hell this season has in store but we can be sure our favorite threesome Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J and Mimi Faust won’t disappoint. Ya’ll know I am here for this show. So be sure to be in front of your tv on April 22nd cause the ratchet is coming back to da “A”. 

Love & Hip-Hop ATL Reunion~Bobbi Boss Remy, Bitch Fights & Butt Pads

Photo Courtesy of EntertainmentRundown

Last night…last night…last night well chile if you didn’t watch it then things ain’t going right in your world. I kid!! This is for the people that love to watch “reality” mess and talk about it the next day with our friends and coworkers. The first half of the Love and Hip-Hop ATL reunion was nothing but Bobbi Boss Remy Yaki Straight 1B, Bitch Fights and Butt Pads…well courtsey of the elder of the group Karlie Red. For the most part the ladies look like they were keeping up the appreance of money. The weave game was popping and there were more glitter shoes on stage than on the stage at Magic City. Hunty, these chicks got live within the first 9 mins of the show. The fact that ordinary bitches get on national tv and show how dumb they are for our entertainment is a billion dollar industry and Massa Scott aka Mona Scott-Young got these chicks selling their souls for an hour a every week.

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Oh Sh*t~ The Funniest Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta Parody I Ever Did Seent


I have friggin tears in my eyes. This has got to be one of the funniest cartoon parodies I have seen in a long time. By now everyone has seen or at least heard of the ratchet ass mess that is “Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta”. Well somebody done made this magnificent train wreck of shit into a cartoon. I promise you, you will bust a gut watching this. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta…Premier Recap:These Bishes Need Lives

love and hip-hop atl

Last night VH-1 premiered another hot ass mess of a show called Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta. VH-1 didn’t get enough of the drama with the original Love and Hip-Hop. So here we have another slew of no name wannabe’s trying their hardest to be the next reality stars. The show was just plain trash in my opinion…like damn near all of Vh-1 shows nowadays. So in case you missed it, here is my recap on this shit.

Mimi and Stevie J

We all know Stevie J from way back when he was fucking with rapper Eve. Stevie was a motherfucker who played her and here he goes with the same shit just different bitch. Now this chick Mimi apparently has been with Stevie J for 15 years…ironically it lapped over the same time he was engaged to Eve. So can you say jumpoff? Anyway, he decided to buy a house for Mimi and their daughter out in the boonies, because he don’t want her nowhere near his hoe section of town. Stevie a hoe…been a hoe but Mimi seem to think a hoe will automatically change his spots for a bitch. WRONG! So she’s mad that he’s trying to stick her out in the middle of nowhere while he out in the city fucking latin stripper bitches. So Mimi complaining about his lack of commitment while Stevie out screwing other chicks.

Stevie J and Joselyn aka the Latin Stripper Bitch bka Rihanna with a taco

So here we go with Stevie in the studio and this latin Rihanna wannabe comes in with some cutoff shorts and a bandana in her head looking like a damn Latin King or something. Off the bat we know that they fucking cause he smacking her ass and she calling him Daddy…you know the type of shit tricks say to their Johns. She’s apparently one of his “artists” and I think that bitch is “psycotic.” *Yea I said took a Momma Jones classic and used that shit.* I think that chick is the type of bitch that would kill you and drink your damn blood while the cops got her surrounded. Hey she does have  a Rihanna feel to her…but she’s Rihanna with a taco. Anyway, she seemed a little off her rocker, but that bitch got that kneegrow trained.

Scrappy and His Baby Momma

Ok, so it seems that the only story-line these two have is the whole Diamond thing. If you didn’t know or kept up with ghetto gossip…Scrappy use to fuck with rapper Diamond. Then Diamond dumped Scrappy and went to Soulja Boy. Scrappy was so crushed and hurt he ran back to his baby momma. So this is what we’ve learned. The baby momma still bitter and hurt that Scrappy left her for another bitch when he got a little name for himself somewhere in the hoods of Atlanta. She’s questioning shit and he’s bitching to his momma about her not being affectionate. Here comes Scrappy momma all up under her son’s dick. He a grown ass man, but yet she feels she got to fight his battles and confront the baby momma. All they did was drop Diamond’s name all up and threw their scenes. I mean I know that bitch stole your man, but stop talking about that ol shit.

S/N don’t Scrappy momma look like a tranny that been in the business for a few years? You can tell Momma Scrappy trying to get a spin-off cause that bitch was doing monologues in the middle of conversations. This dude even had his own catch phrase and shit. Lol. I love that the LGBT is really getting their chance to shine…I love trannies. Another side note…my momma said that the tranny looked like Juanita Bynum. I ain’t touching that one cause something about Ms. Juanita I never trusted.

K. Mitchell ???

No idea who this chile is, but she’s a singer or something. All she did was discuss her relationship with a producer that beat the brakes off her ass and stole her recording budget. Word of the ghetto gossip grapevine it was Lil Wayne’s ex-wife’s new husband. I ain’t calling no names cause I ain’t trying to get the breaks beat off of my pretty ass. Thanks but no thanks . Well that’s all I can really say about her…she ain’t really had nothing going on other than her rant.

The Trini Chick…

Her main role was to drop a dime on Stevie J’s antics to his girl Mimi. She basically told Mimi that Stevie was fucking Rihanna with a taco and how they kissed and shit. Now I watched the scene where Trini chick, her man, Stevie and Rihanna with a taco was having a meeting and I ain’t seen no kiss. I guess Trini chick was trying to start something…and it worked. At that very moment Stevie and Rihanna with a taco walked into the spot and here this kneegrow sitting down and Mimi and Taco sitting next to him and he’s dissing Mimi to no end. This taco chick ain’t no punk tho. That’s one thing I can say. She sat there and looked Mimi in her face and said that hoe needed to calm down. Lol. Mimi got pissed and walked out of the restaurant. Stevie tried to run after her, but taco got mad and threw a drink on him. He was about to leave with Taco and Mimi running up to the car asking him if he’s screwing the chick. I mean how dumb you gotta be?? He was talking to her and taco called and he said like a scared little punk “she calling me” lol and Mimi looked at his ass like “n*gga if you answer that phone I will kill you.” That scared ass punk answered the phone. Mimi was played to the left and she was left looking like a bigger ass because he embarrassed her in public.

Rasheeda and her husband

I’ve lived here in Atlanta for 12 years and I’ve heard of Rasheeda before. Now I don’t know none of her music, but she’s so damn pretty. They never really focused on her and her relationship with her hubby. I guess next episode.

All in all the show of course was trash. It was so damn scripted and these chicks were overacting so damn much. Now everyone has a feel of what da A is about… a bunch of wanna be chicks playing the role to get on top. I wasn’t impressed in the least. I don’t even want to watch another episode of that trash bag of a show. I swear VH-1 gave these folks too much of a budget cause they could have kept this shit.

Holla at me: What did you think about the show? Interested in watching more?


New Video:Brandy & Monica~It All Belongs To Me


Last month you heard the new collaboration from Brandy and Monica called “It All Belongs to Me” now see the new video. Brandy and Monica premiered the video tonight on VH-1 at 11pm *shit I didn’t know VH-1 still showed music videos*. The ladies looked beautiful and really brought that real fiyah to the video. I miss the real sistas can blow and  sang their hearts out. Grown women on their grown women shit…I love it and I love the video. Makes me love the song even more.


Love & Hip Hop:Rings,Black Eyes & Hoe Situations…Da Rundown

Chrissy and Yandy fight

Baybaaay Love and Hip Hop was all about the juice last night. I swear this show gets better with every episode. So many things took place that I don’t even know where to start. I guess I can start from the beginning. If you’ve never watched this show and you love “reality” rachetness you’re truly missing out on some good tv. This show is just a bunch of bitches fighting each other. Hip-Hop ain’t really in the equation, so maybe it should be “Love and Whoop A Trick.” You know I love the mess, so I had to give my rundown on last night’s episode. If you missed it, then I am here to put you in the know.

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Meeka Got Read…Period! My 2cents On The Basketball Wives Reunion

Tami sho is on the ghetto side and she loves to cuss yo ass out at the drop of a hat, but she tells it like it is. Last night was part 2 of the Basketball Former Groupies turned Baby Mommas Reunion show. It was a tad bit boring, but of course Tami and Meeka “I need some face wipes” Claxton brought 10 mins worth of drama. Tami read Meeka’s ass like a Zane novel. Meeka started chatting gibberish about how she pops bottles in the club. Ya’ll know she’s talking about Sam’s Club right? Meeka tried to throw that her and husband Speedy got matching Championship rings. Chile the second Tami heard that she killed it with this comment “Bitch even niggas on injury reserve got that shit.” Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa so basically Speedy is just a filler lmao. I thought there whole back and forth was funny.

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Beyonce Gonna Get Chicks Shot~Single Ladies Premiere Recap

I’m slowly beginning to think that VH-1 was bought out by a project of black people that got a little money and decided to take over network tv. Last night the new mini comedy-drama thingy show “Single Ladies” aired and all I can say is MESS. If you watched it you may have noticed that the “show” was actually on for 2 hours. They decided to do a mini movie for the first episode and then make it into a weekly series. The show is based in Atlanta and follows three best friends in their quests to find love…I think. They might have to rename the show “Single Bitches F*cking Powerful Men”.

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Love & Hip-Hop Reunion Recap

For those of you that missed it, last night VH-1 aired the Love & Hip Hop reunion show. It was ok. There was no hair pulling or anything because you know thugs don’t pull hair, they use guns and what not but I digress. The show was hosted by Hot97’s own Angie Martinez and it was pretty interesting to say the least. Here is my rundown on this episode which I totally forgot about, because the show wasn’t as stimulating for the mind as Basketball Wives was last season. Lol

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Would Proposing To A Man Make You Seem Desperate?

So although damn near every negro blog on earf *yes I said earf* discussed this earlier this week, I decided to do it now. So everyone was in an uproar because Chrissy from Vh-1’s show Love and Hip Hop decided to propose to her boyfriend of 6 years, rapper Jim Jones. Now I am not the smartest somebody on the planet, but wouldn’t it seem like if he doesn’t ask you he doesn’t want to get married? There honestly seems to be a hint of desperation when this occurs, but at the same time if you love someone and want to spend your life with them shouldn’t you make that move?

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