New Video: Where Have I Been? Minding My Damn Business

where you been

Hey babies. How is yall? Lol. I know I’m like a ghost in the wind on here but I’ve been busy with life and doing other awesome things. I created a video explaining where I’ve been and where I’m going. There is some information in the video regarding this very website, so be sure to watch the entire thing. Once I’ve posted this we will talk at another time. Love you guys, subscribe to everything mentioned on the video even my youtube channel. I’ll leave some links below so you can perruse at your leaisure. (Podcast) (Custom wigs) (T-shirt line)

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Beyonce’s “Formation” Isn’t About Beyonce…It’s About Being Unapologetically Black


*Pumps my black power fist in the air* Ladies and gentlemen, Beyoncé has arrived and she’s letting ya’ll know that she’s a proud black woman. If you are unaware, Beyoncé dropped a single on Saturday afternoon for her new song “Formation“. The song basically shuts down all those crazy ass rumors about the Illuminati that ya’ll so love to spew. She addresses that her daughter will continue to rock her baby fro and you can stay mad for the rest of your lives.  The beat goes hard as f*ck and of course I love it. Bey talks about getting where she has gotten by working her black ass off and she will continue to slay. 

The main attention that has everyone talking is the actual “Formation” video. The video is the blackest f*cking video I have ever seen and I am here for all of it. ALL OF IT. The video shows every powerful black images of New Orleans and her creole roots. The video pays homage and shows gripping symbolism of the Black Lives Matter movement, Hurricane Katrina, The Nation of Islam, 19th century black New Orleans society and Moor influences. Mama took it there and didn’t give a damn who the hell felt pressed. You thought, she was done but oh the shit got better. On Sunday the creole queen performed at the Superbowl halftime show and sang her new single. Bey paying homage to Michael Jackson in her all black and gold attire and her dancers dressed as Black Panthers which is also paying tribute to the Black Panther parties 50th year in existence. Bey proclaimed that she was a negro woman in front of the nations and millions of angry  racists white people.

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Behind The Blog: Story Behind Original Blog “Would You Stay If He Got Someone Else Pregnant?”




Hey guys, so it’s another episode of my Behind The Blog series on Youtube. This week I’m talking about the story behind my blog ” Would You Stay If He Got Someone Else Pregnant?”. I’m telling the full story about finding out the boyfriend at the time had an entire black ass family behind my back. It was devastating at the time, but it was a huge learning experience. This is a lot of women’s plight, when dealing with a man that can’t seem to keep his thang to himself. 

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Missy Elliot Is Back!! Drops First Video In Seven Years “WTF (Where They From)”



Misdemeanor is back and I am all here for all of it. Missy dropped her first video in 7 years this morning and has everyone over 30 going nuts. Missy’s new song “WTF (Where They From)” is the first single from her upcoming 7th album. Missy did not disappoint with this new video. This is classic Missy and it’s exciting to see. Her creativity has been lacking in this music industry and now it’s like a breath of fresh air. You know what…I’ve done enough talking. Let Missy Elliot do her work. Check out the blessing that was bestowed upon us below.


5 Year Old Telling It Like it T.I.IS

I swear this chile been here before. This has got to be the smartest girl ALIVE. If you haven’t seen this video it shows a 5 year old little girl basically saying “You betta not step to me and expect me to commit to you until I get my shit straight first”. So many women give up their whole lives for a man and want to die when the relationship doesn’t work. She wants to get her life in order before joining it with a man. If he can’t respect that he can keep it moving, because it is her life and she’s gonna do what she can to live it. I applaud her because there are so many chicks walking around her all stupid over a man and feeling stupid when the relationship ends and they don’t even have the proper education to get by. I pray for these women. Enjoy!!

Raheem DeVaughn~ She's Single * Explicit*

Shouts To WSHH

I see Raheem DeVaughn in a whole new light. This video is how you say…orgasm in a cup. Ya’ll see this ish? I mean Radio Raheem is getting it in…LITERALLY! Yo you can’t even watch this thing at work. You might get fired and have an orgasm in the same min. Dude munching and scrunching in the video. Now people are wondering if he really got down for this video and if he wrapped it up. I think he really smashed her, but hey what do I know. Please enjoy…I know I did.