Beyonce Just Sh*t On All Yall. Drops Album Out of Nowhere



The Champ Is Here. The Champ Is Here. Beyonce done shit on all these little R&B hoes that ever thought they would ever do this shit in a legit way. So I was just getting over the devastation that is considered Scandal. Sitting here picking up the pieces of my life and I went back to twitter. So I’m scrolling down my timeline and I see Queen Mother’s name up and down my timeline. So my heart skipped a slight beat when I saw an itunes link. I clicked on the link and my chinkey eyes saw the holy grail. On itunes I see “BEYONCÉ” album cover just a simple black and white. I got instantly geeked. Then I see 32 tracks on this damn playlist. I then realized that Mother has blessed us with a new album containing not only 14 new tracks, but the videos to said tracks. Beyonce has ganked hoes once again. 

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Facebook Video Of The Day: Worst Bitch In The World


I swear some women just can’t recognize a good man. I just can’t understand with all the good women out here, these men choose the bitches that don’t deserve shit. I stumbled upon the video below on Facebook. It’s a clip from a Divorce Court episode with this couple that has some major issues. No let me take that back, the loser bitch has some issues. She left her husband because “he was too nice”. You read that shit correctly, he was too nice to her and her kids and she found that creepy. He did all the things a good man should do for his woman and this bitch didn’t appreciate nothing.

This is the issue I have with women. Some women just don’t deserve better. She wants someone to treat her like shit so she can feel like she’s in something wonderful? Yet a woman who wants to take care of her man can’t find a good one to save her life. I hate shit like this, bitches like this make men think all women are fucked in the head. They’re selfish and don’t know how to treat anyone. Give real women a bad name. Mayne I dislike this bitch for real. Any way, watch the video for yourself.  Let me know your thoughts.

J.Cole Stalking And Killing In New Video ‘Power Trip’ {Video}


I love me some J. Cole, but this new video is um… scary as shit. J. Cole’s new video “Power Trip” featuring Miguel has hit the innanets and baybay I was not expecting this shit. Ya’ll know I don’t usually post rap videos, but because this video is about this subject I just had to do it. 

The video basically deals with stalking, obsession and involves criminal activity. Ya’ll just check it out and let me know your thoughts. Has J. Cole gone overboard with the video or is he just displaying real-life situations. I just hope his fine ass ain’t crazy. Ain’t nothing sexy about a cute crazy ass man. 


Facebook Video Of The Day: An Ode To The “Bad Bitch”


So I came across this video of a poet spittin some much needed knowledge. This is for all these chicks out here walking around wanting to be a “bad bitch” and not a real woman. This brotha breaks the shit down in only a way he could. No man wants to marry a copy, but an original. Enjoy!!


Rihanna Rolls A Blunt In Ya’ll Faces in New Video “Diamonds” *Video*


Rihanna  is Unapologetic when it comes to the choices she makes in her life. Rihanna debuts the new video for her song “Diamonds” and she ain’t gave not one damn fuck. She don’t give a fuck to the point she rolling and smokey a blunt in ya’lls faces. I been liking this song, but the video just seems kinda “I don’t know what the hell is going on other than her rolling a big head and smoking it like she ain’t on camera.” I assume that’s what she mentally experiences as she gets high. Shit if that’s how getting high and shit feels then I don’t want it. That can’t be just weed, that has to be like shrooms and pills and shit.

I also heard she has a new song with Chris Brown called “Nobodies Business”. I haven’t heard it yet, but I know that video gonna be something to see.

Rihanna’s new album “Unapologetic” will be out on November 19th, which will be a deluxe box set. We’ll see if it makes any buzz, I’m sure it will. Check out the video and let me know your thoughts.

New Music: Marsha Ambrosius – F*ck N Get It Over With *Video*

Marsha Ambrosius

Babyyyyyyyy, yes gawd is alive. My girl Marsha done came with the truth. You ever had the person that you decided to f*ck, then you caught feelings and you knew that shit might have been the biggest mistake you made? You feeling a sorta way, you know there won’t be a relationship so you kick it to the side, but you needed one last night of fucking? No? Shit…get off this here post.

I love this song right here, my girl went straight to the point…Fuck and Get It Over With! Enjoy the new music video!


Chris Breezy Stressed Da F*ck Out *Video*

love triangle

Ok, so you’ll heard that Chris and his girl thang Kakaroachie broke up right? Well she “ended” it on twitter, but apparently he’s now saying that he gave her them walking papers. Either way these two are over and done. I guess she was tired of being made a fool of because Chris just stopped giving many solid fucks about her feelings a long time ago. Chris has reportedly been seeing Ri Ri and not on the sly. They were seen all hugged up and shit in the club a few days ago. I told you they were still bumping that penis and vagina together.

Chris filmed this mini doc taxi cab confessions video, drunk as fuck getting all in his feelings. He’s confused that he loves two women at the same damn time. I’ve definitely been there, but this video just seems too much. Check it out and be the judge.

I’ve been on all sides of this coin and the shit is a difficult pill to swallow  All I know is Chris and Ri will never leave each other alone…well until they end up killing each other. Kakaroachie will continue tweeting about this experience because let’s face it, no one knew what a Kakaroachie was until she hooked up with him. I’m not heartless. Do I feel bad for her…kinda. Do I think she deserves better… Yes. Do I think she’s dumber than a box of rocks…yes. This chile knew Chris was doing Chris, but yet she stayed. Throughout all the bullshit…she stayed. Was she in denial…maybe. Shit Ray Charles could see that Chris was cheating…and his ass been dead for how many years now? The fact is she needed him more than he needed her, so she stayed. Every time he fucked up, she got broke off. Those material things don’t mean shit when you’re being publicly disrespected and humiliated. Now she on twitter tweeting all kinds of bullshit looking sympathy. Chile twitter got the harshest people alive. That bitch getting wrecked as I type this at 2:11 am. She don’t have nobody other than twitter to talk to? I mean bitch get off the innanets and call Iyanla or something. You looking real funky right now, but I’ll shed a thug tear for you boo. 

Holla at me: What are/were your thoughts about this love triangle? Have you ever identified one of your past situations with this? Well minus the ass whooping. 

Drake feat.Rihanna~ Take Care

I know a bitch is late and shit, but this suits today’s topic to a T. Plus I fucking love this some right here. Say what you want about Drake and Rih, these two make good music together and the videos are so emotionally strong. I almost want them to fuck again. Just look at that embrace. Chile these two are my new favorite video couple. Enjoy!

New Video:Brandy & Monica~It All Belongs To Me


Last month you heard the new collaboration from Brandy and Monica called “It All Belongs to Me” now see the new video. Brandy and Monica premiered the video tonight on VH-1 at 11pm *shit I didn’t know VH-1 still showed music videos*. The ladies looked beautiful and really brought that real fiyah to the video. I miss the real sistas can blow and  sang their hearts out. Grown women on their grown women shit…I love it and I love the video. Makes me love the song even more.


Funky Dineva Goes In on Marlo(n) Hampton *Video*

THIS VIDEO DELIVERS EVERYTHING EVER IN LIFE THAT NEEDS TO BE DELIVERED BY THE DELIVERER. I laughed so much my damn neighbors knocked on my door cause I was making too much noise at 12am this morning. Funky Dineva did not just go in…honey went in, out and all the way through Marlon Hampton’s tranny ass “sounding like Anita Baker’s brother” bitchhhhh lmaoooooo. Chile if there was ever a time I love mess it’s on Sundays. Enjoy!

P.S. Marlon’s ass needs to get a beat down by a slew of heel wearing, red lip having gays. Beat this hoe to a pulp for using the “f” word like that. Ol adam’s apple having ass.