The Prettiest Peen I Ever Seen…


I don’t go around checking dicks to see how they look, but I sure came across one that looked amazing. I don’t even know how to really explain it, but the shit was just proportionate to everything else. It was the right girth, density, color, length, width, hell even the hair around the man bubbles looked pristine. This was when I realized that this was a rare moment in time. I have found the crescent jewel of all penises. The Michelangelo of every penis ever developed. Now to get a feel *sigh* of the dick you need to imagine who it was attached to. Imagine a tall Boris Kodjoe look alike with the body to match. If I could share a damn pic I would. That shit would be a photo finish.

I met him about 5 years ago and we hit it off instantly. We started dating and we really started liking each other. One night we were over at his place all snuggled on the sofa watching tv. He had a bright idea to make a pallet on the floor so we can lay with each other. My operation “get the drawers” radar went on high alert. MY MOMMA AIN’T RAISED NO FOOL. I knew what he was doing, but I went along with the game; see men think they slick, but women are slicker. We then layed on the comforter and started to spoon. OK, when he held me from behind I felt his shit poking me. I pretended to ignore it, until he started kissing the back of my neck. This is when I knew my ass was in trouble.

So we were kissing; you know getting familiar with each other and he took his shirt off. I was still fully clothed and loving every minute of what I was seeing. He then stood up and took off his jeans. Now in my mind I was thinking “Who told his ass he was getting any of my juicy fruit”, but I can be a tease so I let him continue. I”m the type of chick that let’s you get butt ass naked and then say “Nah, we should stop”. It’s not that I want to stop, I just have this thing about seeing how far I could go. Hell, plus sometimes I love torturing men. Yes, I am an odd soul. Anyway, he slid his jeans off and he was in his Calvin’s. *Sigh. Looking off into the distance re-living the moment”. This man then took his boxer briefs off and I did something that I have only seen on TV. I F*CKING EXHALED!!!!!!!! I exhaled because of all the years I have looked at penis I have never ever seen one so beautiful. I had to literally exhale! My eyes were fixated on it. There was nothing wrong with it at all. As I write this my eyes are tearing up. It was like meeting Michael Jackson….this shit was a big f*cking deal.

I’m sorry but that torture shit was out the window. I HAD not needed, HAD to experience that dick. There was no way in hell that shit could look that good and do the right thing in the bedroom. *Kicking down chairs in excitement* Do you know that sexy mudda hit this the correct way? Every dick I’ve ever experienced before then was just a teaser for this; The HOLY GRAIL. He had the type of dick that could make a rusted pussy chick feel like this was the first time she ever experienced dick. We dated for a couple of months, but um even though he had all that going for him, dude was crazier than a soup sandwich. I had to end it!!!!! It was like that. There was no debating the issue, dude had problems that I just couldn’t help him with. We’re still friends but not in the biblical sense.

The moral of this story: Never trust a pretty dick and a smile.

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