This Just In: Kenya Moore Paid For The D*ck…Well For The Pretend D*ck

Chile yesterday I drank the sweetest tea I ever had. The words “Kenya asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend on The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Bitch I damn near died from laughing. Ok here’s the spillage of the tea. Walter Jackson who’s Kenya Moore’s “love interest” on RHOA went to our local radio station and hung Kenya’s ass out to dry. Apparently Ms. Moore and Mr. Jackson truly dated…3 years ago for only 3 months. Kenya called him and asked him to pretend to be her boo thang on tv. I guess she wasn’t down for looking pathetic on tv, which she failed at by the way. Any way Walter spilled all the juice and now Kenya is probably at her rented home sitting with some toothpaste on her face from her acne breakout. You know stress does that to you. I got the videos…my boo in my head Funky Dineva got the whole interview so you know I had to share it with my peoples. This is getting good and messy. I like this. 

Now you know why Walter didn’t seem to give no sorts of fuck about Kenya. That whole “we’re getting married” shit threw him for a loop too. By the way if you had any doubt that Kenya was bat shit crazy…you’ve just been proven wrong *whispers* You’re welcome.

 There are two videos so be sure to watch them all. 



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