Wanna Lose Weight This Holiday Season? Have You Some Sex

No matter how many times you tell yourself your New Year’s Resolution will be to lose weight it never happens as you planned it. You join a gym,  go hard for the first month and the second you see your pre-precious jeans start to fit a little better you stop. You want to get to the size you were before you discovered Papa John’s  cheesesticks, but you just can’t take another diet. Well one of the best ways to work that body out is to let someone work you out. Sex is probably one of the best forms of exercise. Think about it; you work damn near every muscle when he has your ass up in the air and he’s pumping you full of lead. Basically when you’re engaged in sexual activity you burn calories, in turn you have a healthier you.

Now when I say have sex I don’t want you ladies to think all you gotta do is lie there and let this man do all the work. Sex is not a spectator sport. You gotta get in there and wear his ass out…you gotta let him see you sweat. Have you ever wondered why your legs hurt when you’re finished? If done right you’re working out those muscles. Now if you haven’t had sex for a while and you get back on that saddle you may notice something. Let’s say you’re about to ride and you’re doing your thing and all of a sudden you get a damn leg cramp. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. The shit so bad you gotta stop, wait a while then change positions. That’s a tell tale sign that you ain’t had no worthy dick in a while.

Ok, I’m not saying you gotta go out and screw every Tom, Dick and Raheem to become physically fit. I’ve learned if you’re involved with one person and you two go at it on a very regular basis you will start to see a change in your body. Dr.Yvonne Kristín Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert at FOX suggests longer session at least five times a week can burn around 1650 calories. She also added that, “The active partner- typically the one on top tends to burn more.” So you know what you gotta do ladies…ride that dick like you never rode before. The main key when it comes to this is enjoyment. You have to enjoy your partner in order to put in the work. If you’re not sexually attracted to the one you’re with, there is no way in hell you’re gonna enjoy the sex. The more attraction between you two the more you’re both more likely to apply effort.

So if you want to work that body out without going to the gym 5 days a week, try having regular pleasurable sex. Not only does sex aid in weight loss, but it also helps with stress. I know when I was having sex *sigh* I sure wasn’t thinking about not one damn bill I had to pay. It was a way to forget about my issues and just take my frustration out on someones boy child. I hope I’ve taught you a little something today. So put down the damn jelly donuts, call your boo thang on your lunch break and go get you some. You will be burning those calories and showing your man that his girl is a just a freak. You know the older you get day time sex gets less and  less right?

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